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Quote of the Week- July 18th







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"Vita est plena rerum difficilium."

"Life is full of difficult things."

-Gaius Salvius Liberalis (Cambridge Latin…

omg rex lana will destroy you for your geniusness
that was so clever omg stop


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Lucius Caecilius IucundusVult Te!Qui coniungas te cum:Hebdomade Civilizationumatque Linguarum Antiquarum21-27 Iulii

Lucius Caecilius IucundusWants You!To join in with:Ancient Civilisations andLanguages WeekJuly 21-27
(Versio Anglica.)


Lucius Caecilius Iucundus
Vult Te!
Qui coniungas te cum:
Hebdomade Civilizationum
atque Linguarum Antiquarum
21-27 Iulii

Lucius Caecilius Iucundus
Wants You!
To join in with:
Ancient Civilisations and
Languages Week
July 21-27

(Versio Anglica.)

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Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the week! Reminder of the events scheduled for day 2:

E V E N T S : No Sign-up Required. 

Vacation Guides

      HOW-TO-TRAVEL: Ever been to the site of an ancient city, monument, temple, or war? Take this chance to share pictures, stories, tips about travel, and suggestions!

      PLANNING-A-DIG: For those members of the Anthropology group which wish to share their experiences related to on-site archaeological experiences! Describe your first or most recent dig- where you went, what you learned, how you prepared.

Tour Guides to the Past:

       WHERE-TO-TRAVEL: Make a list of your favorite locations to travel or plan the itinerary to your dream tour of an ancient site which you can visit in the modern day.

       IF-ONLY-I-COULD: Put together your dream itinerary of ancient sites to time travel to. List the things you’d like to see, taste, do, or meet. Be creative!


       SAVE-THE-SITE: Bring to the attention of the Tumblr. Community a threatened or endangered site. Why isn’t it being protected? What can we do to help?

     GONE-FOREVER? Many ancient sites have been destroyed in the modern era, profile one if you wish.

       RETURN-THE-GOODS: Many artifacts and pieces of material evidence have been taken from their homes to be stored far from their original locations. Some such objects are being fought to be returned by their home countries. Profile one such item. 


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latin fandom, i need some help!


senior year of college is fast approaching and i need a thesis topic relating to latin!! so far i’ve read the aeneid, pro caelio, and tacitus’ annals book 4. we’re going to be reading satire this semester. i have also read catullus and horace but i’d rather not do my thesis on that. 

this is going to be a year long task and i want to do something interesting enough to keep me into it. i would appreciate some suggestions for good reads or authors to consider for such a project??

Adiuvemus! Let’s help!

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